Imagine pretending to be a "Tour Guide" in a museum and having to explain the items you and your classmates made, heard stories about, played games with, and made with your own little hands. How about pretending to be a "Ticket Seller" for the space shuttle your class made together, only money is not the only thing that can buy you a ticket aboard. Green triangles, red circles, a purple letter P or the word "ticket" may buy you a ticket! The kindergarten class actually handle money (their investments)! Doesn't this sound more interesting than flash cards and memorization? That's not all! Every day the students are offered an array of choice activities better known as Learning Centers. Learning Centers are where the students construct all the segments needed to bring their theme area to life. They may scissor-cut, paste, paint, create, mold, color, explore, research, graph, solve problems, etc. Then there is our revered Circle Time. Students are afforded the opportunity to tell their own stories, sing their own songs, share themselves and be themselves. This is when the teachers get most of their curriculum ideas.

ACE students engage in daily activities accomplished during specific periods. However, this schedule is not so rigid as not to offer some flexibility for our younger students who sometimes have their own inner clocks. Each month we explore different themes in which all our students are able to contribute and participate.

Baby Corner

Babies three months through twelve to eighteen months enjoy this slice of heaven at ACE. The Baby Corner is designed with the babies in mind. All toys, pictures, and furniture is at their level so that they may enjoy their benefits as only they can. There are many things to stimulate their senses. Lots of color is throughout the room, music prompts every transition, great care is taken to keep the room sanitized, a warm bath followed by a baby massage and yoga soothes and relaxes, and healthy organic pureed foods are provided.


From the Baby Corner to the Twaddler room.....This is the next step to our baby's transitions. Together the Parent and Teacher decide when their baby is ready to move to the Twaddler room. Twaddlers sit at the lunchroom table for meals, walk to the playground and other places on campus, feed themselves using utensils and a cup, skip the morning nap, sleep on cots, and enjoy more Learning Centers.

Preschool I

Welcome to the Potty Training Room! ACE has a unique way of Potty Training which involves the parent's commitment to the process, no pull-ups are used, frequent potty visits and other things we do guarantees success within two weeks or less! Really!!! Potty Training is just one of the many developmental accomplishments in this classroom. The children will also master self-help skills as fine tuning letter, number, shapes, and color recognition, small motor and social/emotional skills.

Preschool II

This is the stage when the children are fine tuning their autonomy and as a result experience meaningful epiphanies. They are socializing/playing more with their classmates and thus this is the time to perfect their mediation skills. They are exploring, investigating, calculating, and asking lots of questions. This is the classroom where Theme Dramatics takes off!

PreKindergarten / Kindergarten / 1st Grade

These classrooms may or may not be combined depending on the needs of our students. We take each child's unique qualities into consideration when developing these groups. They are working on focus, communication, problem solving in addition to their reading, writing and math concepts. Many ACE'rs at this stage are well beyond their years academically. Through our curriculum, Theme Dramatics, we can take them to the moon and back through creativity and ingenuity. The children learn to think outside the box.


All day the children are presented with pre-planned fun activities geared towards an ultimate goal. During After-Care the children may pick and choose their own activities indoors and out. Outdoors children may ride bikes, scooters, wagons, skates, or play ball or swing, slide, climb, dig......Indoors the children enjoy the creativity of theme town. They'll need to go to the bank to withdraw money for their many purchases, they may dress up as any character in the shoe & clothing store, food shop at ACE Mini-Mart, put away their purchases in the two story house, jump in their car with their personalized license, swing by ACE Eats for a pizza or burger, work out at Le Club where they can dance under a disco ball or work out on equipment just their size, receive a check-up at the doctors office, or get their hair and/or nails done at the salon!

School-Age children enjoy playing board and floor games or creating things to take home or add to Theme Towne at the art center on the auditorium stage or playing video games or doing homework in the Library.

Summer Camp

ACE Summer Day Camp is like the best sleep away camp without the sleep! All of the children ages 3 mos - 15 are considered campers. Activities include soccer, volleyball, basketball, and bike and scooter riding at our ball fields and courts. We also have an Arts & Crafts pavilion, a picnic grove, a swimming pool, two playgrounds, an auditorium, cafeteria, library, club house (game room), and a canteen store operated by our very own CIT's. Meals are provided each day. The summer program is fast paced because a full theme including a field trip is packed into one week! Campers enjoy interactive themed activities throughout the week. All activities are related to each other and culminate to a huge event each Friday pegged Big Friday!

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