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The Academy for Creative Enrichment provides an intimate learning environment for children age three months through first grade and before & after care. We enhance the development of young children through a Theme Dramatic curriculum. The children develop and fine tune their skills necessary for achievement and success in their later school years. They don't even realize they are learning. To them it is simply fun.

When we consider the amount of time we spend during our life span in childhood, less than 25%, it is very important that we preserve as much of this time with good memories while also learning important concepts which will be carried throughout our lives. A Theme Dramatic Curriculum allows the children to do just that. You must remember playing "store", "school", or "doctor" and how much fun it was? But do you realize how many concepts you utilized while pretending? What better way to learn?

" We spend more than 80%
of our lives as adults.
Shouldn't childhood be spectacular?? "

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